"Lyogroup supports entrepreneurs and management in the development and introduction of solutions to enhance performance and make changes within their financial divisions."

We have at our disposal far-reaching practical methods and technologies as well as sound, subject-specific expertise to improve considerably the value contribution to the company. Our consulting focuses on greater effectiveness and efficiency in the internal processes. Through our comprehensive experience, we make it possible for management to ensure the required high-performance capital structure and dividends policy in their company’s finance area.

Strategy development and implementation are optimally linked and the profitability of the company is sustainably raised to a new level.

Further areas of competence:

Change management
Operative management
Business processes
Marketing  and Sales


As a strong all-rounder, we focus on all the issues that influence the performance of a company.



The primary focus now lies on the active planning and design of successful business models...



Detailed expertise and consistent reliability determine the responsible relationship with our business partners…



Our door is all the concerns of our customer against always open. Contact us by phone, fax or email!