"In the face of increasing complexity, constant change and ever stronger competition, many companies are focussing on operative activities. Often there is insufficient time left to look after personnel, organization and business processes, in order to achieve the greatest possible added value."

We are convinced that companies that strive towards profound renewal should also strive to make changes to the structures and processing in operative management. Lyogroup has made it its business to support management executives comprehensively in this area.

Together with our customers, we fundamentally overhaul the operative abilities. Cooperating closely, we align the underlying processes and business models such that they support the business strategies. We ensure that the abilities of the employees are developed and that dynamic processes enable quick responses to changing customer requirements and market opportunities.

Further areas of competence:

Change management
Business processes
Marketing and Sales


As a strong all-rounder, we focus on all the issues that influence the performance of a company.



The primary focus now lies on the active planning and design of successful business models...



Detailed expertise and consistent reliability determine the responsible relationship with our business partners…



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