"Many factors influence the future of a company. The rapid pace of change and the networking of markets make it difficult to plan a company’s success with pin-point, precision accuracy. For this reason, the understanding of strategy in a corporate context has fundamentally changed."

The primary focus now lies on the active planning and design of successful business models. The aim is to boost the profitability of a company through a combination of a wide variety of ideas and highly customised actions. In addition to having knowledge of current trends, the management staff must also be able to assess the consequences of even the smallest changes that can impact on the existence of the company.
Success however will not come simply by lining up a range of promising measures. It is much more important that these be constantly aligned to the underlying strategy of the relevant company. Lyogroup consults with its clients on the development of this strategy and its practical harmonisation with the resultant corresponding measures. Strengths and weaknesses are precisely analysed and adapted accordingly.

"Lyogroup wants to find an answer to these questions with their clients:"

  • In what market environment of the company’s core business is there competition and how is it characterised?
  • What measures could change and improve the company’s own position in this environment?
  • What framework conditions within the company can be utilised to ensure its own success?
  • What new, conceivable strategies could possibly be used to make a brand new leap towards success? Lyogroup helps the management staff to carefully think through and analyse their options.

A promising strategy and the right actions are of no use however if they are only planned by the management staff.

It is far more important that they be consistently implemented and constantly further developed. Lyogroup aims to support and accompany this process together with its clients, in line with the corporate culture and its structures.

"With the aid of Lyogroup, companies can act quickly and precisely this way…"

Our two pillars of strategic development:

  • Change-oriented strategy supports companies in identifying and initiating required changes in their organisation in order to then be able to deal with the challenges on the path to growth and market leadership.
  • Action-oriented strategy creates advantages within the framework of the corporate strategy and helps companies to make the right decisions with regard to customers, value creation, products and services.


Further areas of competence:

Change management
Operative management
Business processes
Marketing and Sales


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