"We support entrepreneurs and management in developing their own ability to change; new working methods are introduced carefully so that no additional stress is placed on ongoing business activities."

These days, companies find themselves facing a multitude of challenges: staff reductions, tight budgets and an increasingly competitive market environment. This gives rise to an urgent need to boost employee productivity.

Those who wish to be productive must do much more than simply “work harder” and increase performance however. Entrepreneurs must introduce and realise new business processes and technologies continuously and sometimes also quickly; they must learn new skills and roles and increase the profitability of their company. Lyogroup is more than aware that healthy productivity is the result of many complex and interconnected factors which must be coordinated with one another in a highly focussed manner; enhancing effectiveness so that operating costs can be constantly lowered. At the same time one must manage and support all of this successfully throughout the entire company. A successful environment must be created at all three levels of the company – company, staff and individual employees.

Important basic assumptions:

  • Change cannot be brought into a company from outside.

  • Behaviours and attitudes are the key to change.

  • Development within a company can only come from the people who work there.
  • Every company pursues two equally important objectives: commercial efficiency and optimal working conditions for employees.

Further areas of competence:

Operative management
Business processes
Marketing and Sales


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