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Lyogroup provides international consultancy for entrepreneurs and their management teams. As an all-rounder in the field of consultancy, its clients include service and trading firms, high-performing small and medium-sized companies and the manufacturing industry. Lyogroup is regionally focussing on Germany, Japan and Italy.

No matter how varied and complex the challenges facing company management, the consultancy services offered by Lyogroup can match them.

"Lyogroup focusses on the issues that influence the performance of the company as a whole."

Strategic and organisational issues as well as the growth and establishment of new businesses are the central component of their consulting activities. Furthermore, function-specific projects of the company are developed and processed in the areas of administration, finance and IT, sales, marketing and production. Lyogroup supports its clients in the sustainable implementation and further development of strategies, which must always be in harmony with the different corporate cultures and structures and, where required, must be aligned to them.


Lyogroup supports the strategies developed and the corresponding required activities for the company through to their successful implementation.

"Lyogroup supports its clients with the sustained implementation of their strategies."

The development of the commercial environment and the personal challenges faced by management staff constantly influence the structure and focus of Lyogroup’s tasks. Only by constantly adapting to new requirements, through precise selection and experience as well as through the continuous training and further education of the employees, can the high standards espoused by Lyogroup Corporate and Management Consulting be achieved.

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